My name is Brenna and I love to make people laugh. I am in love with Marvel, Supernatural, 5 Seconds of Summer, Fall Out Boy, American Horror Story, John Green novels and so much more.

Ansel Elgort, Evan Peters, Connor Franta and Jared Padalecki give me heart problems.
  • Season 4 of my fanfiction, Shadows in the Faded Light

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    Sterek AUGravity’s Got Nothing On You by Zosofi

    "How much," Stiles asks, "are we talking here? Because I know your family, dude. And it’ll be kind of awkward after."

    "My family thinks you’re some sort of fucking gift to the world," Derek seethes, like he’s jealous, "they’ll probably be pissed at me when we break it off, so don’t worry about that. Five hundred bucks."

    "A thousand," Stiles says, because screw ethics. Also, the Hale family is loaded. Derek can deal.

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    #This is my sexuality #this right here

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  • FIREPROOF // 1.01: Are You There, God? It’s Me, Brenna Gilmore.

    The recognizable ringtone of Where Did The Party Go by Fall Out Boy was unmistakable underneath my thigh as I laid down on my back, my laptop on my stomach while scrolling through endless reblogs of the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie or another meme of Emma Roberts’ ‘Surprise, bitch’ comment in AHS: Coven.

    I knew who it was, their ringtone was picked out by them exactly, as I pulled my blue iPhone 5C out and read the new text that came in from my group message. This time, it was from an ID coming from one of the recipients known as ‘Drum Major’ and laughed. I unlocked the screen with the four digit passcode and read the new text that had came in:

    Drum Major: So what’re you wearing tomorrow for our first day back??

    I couldn’t exactly answer that. Sensing it was almost my newly found curfew of 11:00 PM and I have done nothing at all to prepare myself for the new and upcoming year for junior year, it hit me that I was being lazy. Didn’t mean I wanted to do it now..but, I just didn’t want to do anything.

    It’s in my nature, to be lazy, you know.

    I saw a text come in from a new number that I had ID’d as ‘Lover #2’ and cracked up. Lover #2: I do not see the point of dressing fancy so a flannel and shorts are my best friend tomorrow. I added a quick response before unplugging my laptop and getting up to find at least something to decent to my best friends’ eyes.

    Nothing too fancy, nothing too casual. Just me. Which included the style of band tees, skinny jeans, cropped jeans, school tees, combat boots, sweaters, leggings, you name it. Nothing girly, though. I don’t see the point of being girly.

    My phone chimed again and I looked down, seeing the ID ‘Main Bitch’ waltz onto my phone before cracking up.

    Main Bitch: skirt and shirt tucked in with cute booties. i spent my summer allowance on more clothes than that bad? xx

    Megan Copeland, also known as Main Bitch, was a charmer, that’s for sure. Standing at 5’2 with gorgeous dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, she could have any guy at her feet in seconds with the crook of her dark pink lacquered French tipped manicured nails.

    Lover #2, known as Jessica Russell, was one of the people who moved here in our sophomore year and a person I clicked with instantly. We found her to be a good essential part of our friends when we saw her smack talk Allison McNamara, the school’s bitch, about fucking with people and that is when Drum Major, known as to us Connor Mason, suggested we help her out. Words flew, detention followed and we became known as the..many best friends that we knew anyone could have.

    I quickly added a response: Blondie: Yes, Megan. It’s kind of that bad. xoxo. Responses flooded in about what I was wearing for the first day back, where I quickly calmed down the “press” my best friends had become. All of a sudden, my phone began ringing and I answered it, digging through my messy closet.

    "Hullo?" I answered as loud noise came over my speaker, making me shriek and drop my phone before catching it on the top of my foot and throwing it up, catching it. The ID flashed Drum Major and I glowered, smirking to myself.

    "You need to fucking burn in Hell. They have places there for douchewads like you!" I snapped playfully as a hearty laugh came over the speaker. "Nice to talk to you too, Brennara." "Connor, you call me my first name, I’ll snap your arms so you can’t conduct for Band!" There was a long pause. "Sorry. So, what’s you wearing?" I sighed, raking my hair through my sandy blond hair.

    "I honestly don’t know, Connor. I’m literally stumped." I shrugged as I sat down on my bungee cord chair, which sunk me onto the ground. "You could go with your normal everyday grunge look. Don’t worry, we won’t judge you!" I knew he was smirking at the little comment he said and I heard my phone beep, seeing it on its final 15 percent. "Connor..I gotta go."

    "What? No! Don’t hang up on me!" he whined, in a begging tone like he was suddenly five years old instead of seventeen years old. "Look, we can go out for breakfast early tomorrow! How about that?" I wondered as he hung up quickly, making her freeze as I checked my phone before shrugging, knowing it was a definite yes already. I hurried to plug in my phone, changed into some Starkid homemade pajamas and cuddled into my bed, already drifting to sleep.

    To say mornings were a god awful thing in my household was absolutely correct. When I walked downstairs that Monday morning, my Mother was already dressed in dental assistant scrubs — all black, of course — while my Dad was dressed up in some work jeans and a polo shirt. My baby brother, Quinton — whom we call Quinn or Quinny — was already energetic for his first day of first grade.

    My little sister, Maisie — I call her Mais — was starting her seventh grade year at the middle school of Hamilton Heights’ district. She had a piece of toast coated in Nutella hanging from her mouth, digging through her cleaned out backpack full of brand new school supplies. “Mom! Did you pack my lunch?” the thirteen year old asked as she spun towards ourmother, Maureen Gilmore, who birthed, clothed, fed us for so many years. “Yes, Maisie Rose. I have it right here!” she stated as she handed it towards her, who thanked her mother as our mother turned around to gaze upon my appearance in general, before sighing.

    All I was wearing a shirt with safety pins on the sleeves that said in big black bold spray painted letters QUESTION AUTHORITY? with some simple black skinny jeans, a denim jacket and some grey combat boots. “Are you eating with us or going to start a revolution?” she chuckled. “What’s wrong with my outfit?” I wondered aloud. “How about the fact that it’s 81 degrees out there in beautiful Cicero, Indiana and you happen to be wearing a denim jacket and black. Go change your shirt and leave the denim jacket.” she stated as I sighed, getting up and walking back upstairs to my room.

    After changing into a baseball tee that had Fall Out Boy’s Save Rock and Roll logo on it, I walk downstairs to see a silver car out front. But who’s is it- “Hey slacker, let’s go get that breakfast!” The voice made me smirk as I turned towards my best friend, who was standing there in a Fall Out Boy shirt, some jeans and some converse. “Let’s get food, c’mon!” He exclaimed as he grabbed my wrist and pulled me full haste towards the door, where he waved to my mother. “Bye Maureen!” he waved as he high fived Quinn and hugged Maisie.

    After a big breakfast courtesy of our neighborhood’s McDonald’s, the car was driving down State Road 19 as I looked out the window of many cornfields, horses and the fresh smell of manure hit my nostrils, making me scrunch my face up. “Aw, there’s the same face you have whenever we drive this way!” Connor chuckled as I hit his arm. “I don’t wanna be back here. I could be asleep or marathoning Supernatural.” I spat out as we got out of Connor’s car and pulled out backpacks out, heading into the valley of high schoolers. After saying hi to a few individuals, I didn’t happen to look where I was going until I was shoved into a male who’s back was turned. I shrieked, before falling back and like a gravitational force, I was on the concrete on my ass, with people giving me weird looks and funny chuckles.

    "Holy..are you okay?!" Connor exclaimed as he helped me up, as I brushed off my jeans to remove the tiny pebbles from them. I felt awkward for falling in front of everybody in the district to see. "Yeah, fine." I sighed heavily, fixing my hair back into place as Connor turned his direction towards the guy in front of me who kept walking like nothing happened. "Hey jackass! Why don’t you grow a pair and apologize for what you did?" He didn’t stop walking and before Connor could go ballistic, I held him back with whatever strength I had in me. "No, ignore it. He’s a dick. He didn’t mean it probably." I shrugged it off as we began walking in, only to hear a squeal and running clacking heels towards us. "Brennz! Con da Bon!" We knew exactly who that voice belonged to.

    "Meg!" Connor laughed as she rushed forward and embraced us tightly like she hasn’t seen us for the entire summer, which she hasn’t. Over the summer, she spent the entire two and a half months in Europe before returning for the entire full last week of summer. So while she was crunching on European foods, me, Jessica and Connor were pigging out in front of my TV, watching stupid scary movies and working at our local places of career; I was working for my cousin, babysitting my little cousins, Landon and Clayton for the entire summer and saved up for some clothes, Connor..I didn’t know where he exactly worked and Jessica, she worked at Castleton as an Abercrombie and Fitch employee. Luckily, we had money from jobs and tips while Megan got everything handed to her the easy way; batting her eyelashes and smiling her perfect smile.

    "Hey, you guys gonna forget about me?" At the sound of that voice, I smiled. "Russell." I said simply. "Gilmore." We were on a last name basis for our friendship, which means on serious notes, we would say each other’s first names in a friendly argument. But we were closer friends than I was with Connor or Megan combined. "Come here, fatass." Oh, yeah. She also calls me fatass most of the day. I chuckled and hugged her tight as we began walking again, chattering amongst ourselves as we continued down the marble path past the band room, then the auditorium and into the junior hallway where teens began chatting about their summer or the latest gossip or who they hooked up with the summer. I hooked up with someone this summer. Two, actually. And their names was Netflix and Tumblr.

    "So, who was Gunner first?" Megan asked as Connor and I raised our hands, us pulling out our schedules. Adelaide Gunner was a science teacher, told to be zany and impossible and very high strung but a sweet and joking lady. She’s older than Hamilton Heights and walks with a cane, which was rumored to say that she beats children who misbehave. Of course, it hasn’t been proven. "Yes, amazing! I got my two buds with me." Megan chuckled. "Yeah, well, you’re gonna make us fail so-" I trailed off when Connor wasn’t looking with us, raising my eyebrow. "Con? Connor. Hey. Sir Looks a Lot, what’re you-" My eyes fell on what he was exactly looking at.

    Allison MacNamara. Two years ago, in freshman year, Connor and Allison were totally in love, the whole she-bang. Then, sophomore year came and while Connor was still our good friend and I was dating a total jerkface known as Grant Weston, Allison changed. She fixed her skin, got contacts, earned a new wardrobe and most likely, a new personality. It scared us and then, we all grew into a bitter rivalry until one day, I found Grant in the woman’s restroom with Allison down on her knees in front of him. Of course, I reported them and that’s when it all sinked in and started the feud between us all.

    Today, she was wearing a fitted black v-neck, some dark red jeans and some converse. The boy behind her, Grant Weston, was wearing a varsity jacket that made me wonder if it could suffocate him and make him drop dead. That would be a pleasurable sight to see. “Aw, lookie here. It’s the Brat Pack 2.0.” I paused. Did this bitch just compare us to the Brat Pack? We are not as good as John Hughes’ original Brat Pack, I will tell you that! “What do you want, Allison?” Jessica glowered, her eyes heavy set on killing her with one look. “Just wanted to wish you idiots best luck this year.” she smirked before setting her eyes on me. Oh god, what now? “Aww, little Brenna Gilmore. You look well, despite the whole Fall Out Boy trash look. Why do you look so sad to see me? Are you mad because Grant got someone who was better in bed?” I could see that set Connor off, as he stepped up to defend me until I held him back like how I did outside.

    "I’m sorry, Allison. I can’t you over all the words you’re choking out. Maybe speak louder and more clearer." She glared as I got a saucy little smirk on my face as she walked off. "I love when you one-up here." Megan sighed. "Thank you, my dear Megan Copeland." I commented as I put my items in my locker and grabbed the binder and a couple notebooks, along with my pencil case. "Shall we go, my ducklings?" Connor laughed as he nodded, taking his items as well and we bidded our goodbyes to Jessica, before heading up the stairs and into the science classroom of Mrs. Gunner’s classroom, where we found our seats on the projector and took them quickly, which one was next to my good friend, Makayla Sawyer.

    As the door opened to reveal our teacher, the door opened quickly to reveal a boy wearing a Green Day shirt, with a plaid shirt over it and black skinny jeans, along with tousled blond hair. I stared for a bit longer than normal until Connor nudged me roughly, making me turn around to hit his arm in response. “Hi, is this Mrs. Gunner’s class? I’m new, I got lost.” he quickly said. I couldn’t hear him well because of the staring and going out into space but he had an accent..what was that? Australian? “Ah, yes. Mr. Irwin. You can sit in front of Ms. Gilmore.” He scanned the room until I slowly raised my hand, waving. He nodded and took the seat before he sat down in front of me. Connor nudged me again, making me turn around. “What, you little fucker?” I whispered harshly. “Look at his back!” I did what he said until I turned and froze.

    He was the guy who I ran into this morning.

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  • I wish I could say that Augustus Waters kept his sense of humor ‘til the end, that not for a single moment did his courage waiver, but that is not what happened.

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    Peter Q: Or sometimes we play monopoly.

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    Tony Porter: A Call To Men
    "Tony is the original visionary and co-founder behind A CALL TO MEN: The National Association of Men and Women Committed to Ending Violence Against Women. He is the author of "Well Meaning Men...Breaking Out of the Man Box - Ending Violence Against Women" and the visionary for the book, NFL Dads Dedicated to Daughters.

    Tony's message of accountability is welcome and supported by many grassroots and established organizations. He’s currently working with numerous domestic and sexual violence programs, the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, colleges and universities around the country. He has worked with the United States Military Academy at West Point and the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis.

    Tony is an international lecturer for the U.S. State Department having worked in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, United Kingdom and Brazil. In addition, he has been a guest presenter for the United Nations' Commission on the Status of Women and has been a script consultant for Law & Order: Special Victims Unit." - (x)

    THIS is what a men’s rights activist should be.  


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    In case you needed proof that Peta is literal scum. 

    Not to mention that in a 2010 inspection conducted by a VDACS veterinarian, it was discovered that 84 percent of the animals Peta took in were killed within 24 hours. [source]

    A quick reminder that PETA is literal scum of the earth. 

    But this campaign is really good

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    *presses the button* *worships the button* *becomes the button*

    enjoy your fictional characters you nerds

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  • Supernatural GenderSwap Cast



    Dean: Amber Heard


    Sam: Missy Peregrym


    Castiel: Zooey Deschanel


    Crowley: Helena Bonham Carter


    Bobby: Margo Martindale


    Lucifer: Emilia Fox


    Balthazar: Kristen Bell


    Gabriel: Nina Dobrev


    Ruby: Chace Crawford


    Jo: Tom Felton


    Charlie: Rupert Grint


    Kevin: Gemma Chan


    Ellen: Sean Bean


    Adam: Emma Roberts


    John: Demi Moore


    Bella: Chris Pine




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